Friday, June 6, 2014

Block Off Your Face The Effects Of The Years Treat Sagging Facial Muscles And Skin Wrinkles

Jaw muscles: This exercise activates the muscles of the jaws, cheeks, neck, which is rarely used. It also amplifies the muscle that fills the cheeks, making them more stable.
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Exercise: You have to cut the lower jaw as much as possible without clicking. Proven three fingers in Lower Hook parties teeth, jaw by pulling down a further distance. With the tightening fingers firmly on the teeth, tried to push the jaw pushed slowly until it connects to the top of the upper jaw. The fingers in this case l Subject to the teeth. Which makes you use many muscles to move the jaw to the top 0.

Mouth and the area surrounding the mouth and the skin over the lower jaw: This exercise strengthens the skin jaw, and makes the skin around the mouth, smooth, and prevents slouch corners of the mouth.

Exercise: You put the four fingers of both hands lightly on both sides of the cheeks in front of the ears. Core lips, and use the muscles of the cheeks and lower jaw to attract the face to the Imam. And use your fingers as a barrier to prevent the meat from the cheeks to move forward, forcing the muscles of the cheeks and jaw to make more of an effort. Repeat the process six times 0.

Mouth: The mouth makes this exercise more fullness and helps to soften wrinkles. Exercise: you extended your lips forward, and then press the surrounding area on the inside of your mouth, your teeth. And imagine that this area is a circle, and do make the effort, because every part of this circle touch the teeth. Click on the teeth in this manner for ten seconds. Repeat the process three times.
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5 forehead: This exercise is pulling the forehead and make it softer. Exercise: you have to put both ends of on top of the nose under the eyebrow area.

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