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Auscultation during pregnancy-Giving birth healthy

This diagnosis is possible after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. Used for the diagnosis of a stethoscope. Heart tones child, their volume depends on the location of the child in the uterus of the future mother.
Sometimes the doctor can not immediately determine the baby's heartbeat by applying a stethoscope in turn to several places on the surface of the abdomen of a pregnant.
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Genetic screening during pregnancy - Screening involves the biochemical analysis of blood and ultrasound. It allows you to identify genetic "failure" of the child. Blood sampling is performed from the cubital vein of the future mother. In diagnosed blood level of proteins produced by the placenta. This AFP, hCG, PAPP-A.
Indications for screening after the 1st U.S. are:
•    Severe genetic disease in relatives;
•    Interrupted previous pregnancy because of fetal chromosomal abnormalities;
•    Age of the expectant mother more than 35 years.
CTG (KGT) during pregnancy - CTG IS a type of auscultation using ultrasound. Expectant mother lies on her side. By stomach attached 1 or 2 sensors for registering the heart rate baby pregnant uterine contractions.
 Diagnosis is carried out for 15-30 minutes. To the fetus began the expectant mother can offer to do squats or eat candy.Sometimes the results show KGT need child care. KGT results similar to polyline cardiogram heart.

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