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Amanda Leto-Fading skin and wet method of applying the cream

Fading skin and wet method of applying the cream:
Morning drawing - immediately after washing to put the cream on the still damp skin, you have towait 2-3 minutes and blot excess cream cloth.

Evening application - pre-cleaned skin rubbed lotion of herbs, and only then put the cream with a cotton sponge, also dipped this lotion. If you do not fit this way, then rinse with water and well water, soak a cotton sponge. The point is to respect the principle of wet method - cream is applied to wet skin!

All movement during application of the cream should be made soft pressing movements towards the bone. A final procedure to pat fingers (except the thumb) on the massage lines from the bottom up.
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Sensitive skin care requires a special approach, because the struggle with a sense of tightness and flaking is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Minimize particularly sensitive skin, you can use well-chosen cosmetics. The main rule is that you should remember when choosing some means or other, is the removal of the alcohol in the composition. Containing alcohol stronger in times damage the skin, rather than cold, strong winds and sunlight.

Before moving on to recipes that help hold the right care for sensitive skin, we suggest to familiarize with six rules that are mandatory for execution.
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