Saturday, June 7, 2014

Amanda Leto-Fading skin and wet method of applying the cream

Fading skin and wet method of applying the cream:
Morning drawing - immediately after washing to put the cream on the still damp skin, you have towait 2-3 minutes and blot excess cream cloth.

Evening application - pre-cleaned skin rubbed lotion of herbs, and only then put the cream with a cotton sponge, also dipped this lotion. If you do not fit this way, then rinse with water and well water, soak a cotton sponge. The point is to respect the principle of wet method - cream is applied to wet skin!

All movement during application of the cream should be made soft pressing movements towards the bone. A final procedure to pat fingers (except the thumb) on the massage lines from the bottom up.
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Sensitive skin care requires a special approach, because the struggle with a sense of tightness and flaking is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Minimize particularly sensitive skin, you can use well-chosen cosmetics. The main rule is that you should remember when choosing some means or other, is the removal of the alcohol in the composition. Containing alcohol stronger in times damage the skin, rather than cold, strong winds and sunlight.

Before moving on to recipes that help hold the right care for sensitive skin, we suggest to familiarize with six rules that are mandatory for execution.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Block Off Your Face The Effects Of The Years Treat Sagging Facial Muscles And Skin Wrinkles

Jaw muscles: This exercise activates the muscles of the jaws, cheeks, neck, which is rarely used. It also amplifies the muscle that fills the cheeks, making them more stable.
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Exercise: You have to cut the lower jaw as much as possible without clicking. Proven three fingers in Lower Hook parties teeth, jaw by pulling down a further distance. With the tightening fingers firmly on the teeth, tried to push the jaw pushed slowly until it connects to the top of the upper jaw. The fingers in this case l Subject to the teeth. Which makes you use many muscles to move the jaw to the top 0.

Mouth and the area surrounding the mouth and the skin over the lower jaw: This exercise strengthens the skin jaw, and makes the skin around the mouth, smooth, and prevents slouch corners of the mouth.

Exercise: You put the four fingers of both hands lightly on both sides of the cheeks in front of the ears. Core lips, and use the muscles of the cheeks and lower jaw to attract the face to the Imam. And use your fingers as a barrier to prevent the meat from the cheeks to move forward, forcing the muscles of the cheeks and jaw to make more of an effort. Repeat the process six times 0.

Mouth: The mouth makes this exercise more fullness and helps to soften wrinkles. Exercise: you extended your lips forward, and then press the surrounding area on the inside of your mouth, your teeth. And imagine that this area is a circle, and do make the effort, because every part of this circle touch the teeth. Click on the teeth in this manner for ten seconds. Repeat the process three times.
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5 forehead: This exercise is pulling the forehead and make it softer. Exercise: you have to put both ends of on top of the nose under the eyebrow area.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Linda Allen-Bandage pant is also used before and after pregnancy

Pregnant woman should definitely pay attention to what position you will want to wear this or that band, how easy it is to remove it if you're a fan of an active lifestyle, then strap pant who dresses lying, you will not work - it would be better to choose a tape bandage- times.
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Types of bandages - Now consider what more can be bandage:
Belt strap-times can be pre-natal and post-natal. This bandage is put on the back, fixed under the belly. Bandage fixes the uterus and no pressure from above.

It can be worn lying and standing. He is cut from 3 joints: two sides and one in front. Side joints reinforced elastic band. It allows you to adjust the diameter of the shroud without removing. Gum longer than the side flaps. The length of each joint can be adjusted with velcro.

Bandage pant is also used before and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, it supports the abdomen and uterus fixes. It is necessary to put lying. It is better to be worn over the usual panties;

otherwise you'll have to wash every day. Field labor Tightening strap pant has elastic inserts on tight waist and abdomen. He also has a wide belt and overestimated waist. Fasten this strap can below. Postpartum bandage skirt times may apply even after surgery.

Has a dense box on his stomach. Postpartum bandage-grace - This band may have a reinforced model with high sculpting ability. We brace migration dense insert belly multilevel clasp side or bottom and overestimated waist.

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Dr. Darwin Smith-Clothing for pregnant women and for mothers

Claims are simple to wear uncomfortable and poorly maintained stomach but these opinions, of course, subjective. Domestic manufacturers produce supportive underwear.

It noted a good level of support and sufficient elasticity fabric.Expensive, but very high quality bandages produces Germany and England. In these countries, some manufacturers have been working for over 100 years. They produce underwear clothing for pregnant women and for mothers.

Their balanced combination of different bandages medical appropriateness, functionality and aesthetics. Please moms even extended their bandages colors - not only white, but beige, black. But bandages other producing countries usually only white. While some doctors believe it is white bandage contain additional stimulus clean.

How to choose the right bandage - When choosing a band for pregnant women should focus on the main positions:
•    Bandage must fulfill its purpose: to remove the load from the internal organs, with the spine, from the skin, and most importantly - support the belly;

•    Strap should be sewn from breathable absorbent material, and the structure band should include: lycra, microfiber, cotton;

•    Select band with multilevel clasps - it will adjust its growth or decrease stomach;

•    Pick the right size band: to select the size of the bandage can be to your pre-pregnancy size add 1 size (for this band pants) or simply measure the circumference of the hips at the widest point and waist circumference - check our data indicated on the packaging; Band bands correspond to the usual size lingerie: S, M, L;Many Sources Here

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Amanda Leto-Pregnancy is not a disease

Pregnancy is not a diseasebut tests during pregnancy will prevent many diseases of unborn child. You healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!How to choose a band for pregnant - Need to wear a bandage or not - this is being debated not only among expectant mothers, but also among doctors.Some gynecologists say about the benefits of supporting the growing pregnant belly. Others believe that it harms the expectant mother and constrain space for the fruit itself.

 Still others argue that supporting medical bandages are not functions, but retaining strap lace appoint the unstable position of the fetus from 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

But our consultant obstetrician uniquely identifies contraindications for band: placental insufficiency (premature aging of the placenta), and the threat of premature birth.

Expectant mothers make their choice in favor of the band, often based on a desire to reduce the manifestation of stretch marks. We also offer you the basic guidelines on how to choose a bandage during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Manufacturer’s bandages - The most popular bands in Ukraine Baltic, Italian manufacturers. But they have a lot of criticism due to lower quality destination in favor of their appearance. The price of these products is appropriate for middle-income buyers. About Health Info There are also bandages Russian manufacturers. Among Ukrainian mothers meets discontent Russian bandages.

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Auscultation during pregnancy-Giving birth healthy

This diagnosis is possible after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. Used for the diagnosis of a stethoscope. Heart tones child, their volume depends on the location of the child in the uterus of the future mother.
Sometimes the doctor can not immediately determine the baby's heartbeat by applying a stethoscope in turn to several places on the surface of the abdomen of a pregnant.
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Genetic screening during pregnancy - Screening involves the biochemical analysis of blood and ultrasound. It allows you to identify genetic "failure" of the child. Blood sampling is performed from the cubital vein of the future mother. In diagnosed blood level of proteins produced by the placenta. This AFP, hCG, PAPP-A.
Indications for screening after the 1st U.S. are:
•    Severe genetic disease in relatives;
•    Interrupted previous pregnancy because of fetal chromosomal abnormalities;
•    Age of the expectant mother more than 35 years.
CTG (KGT) during pregnancy - CTG IS a type of auscultation using ultrasound. Expectant mother lies on her side. By stomach attached 1 or 2 sensors for registering the heart rate baby pregnant uterine contractions.
 Diagnosis is carried out for 15-30 minutes. To the fetus began the expectant mother can offer to do squats or eat candy.Sometimes the results show KGT need child care. KGT results similar to polyline cardiogram heart.

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Mike Walden-Ultrasound may appoint another 5-7 weeks of pregnancy

3 sessions are usually recommended ultrasound:

·         10-14 weeks of pregnancy;

·         20-24 weeks of pregnancy;

·         32-34 weeks of pregnancy. Mike Walden Review About Acne NO More Cream

Ultrasound may appoint another 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. But it will intravaginal ultrasound probe. Tip: to fill the bladder with water in this case should not be. It can be assigned to ultrasound before delivery, in the 38th week of pregnancy.
 This will prevent cord entanglement, and determine the location of the child. 3-D-ultrasound and 4-D-ultrasound, many doctors do not consider more accurate than the conventional two-dimensional ultrasound. But parents can consider them features, get expressive baby photo.

Dopplersonography (Doppler) during pregnancy - Doppler is one of the options Ultrawave study. This study allows us to determine the quality of blood flow through the vessels of the uterus, the umbilical cord blood. Doppler sonography determines sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrition to the baby.

 To conduct Doppler ultrasound is attached to the machine console to enhance ultrasound. Doppler shows especially after the bad results and KGT at risk of cord entanglement.

Coagulation (hemostasiogram) during pregnancy - Coagulation is blood clotting, which is the availability of a sufficient number of platelets.

 The analysis is performed on an empty stomach, from the cubital vein. Results clotting issued in 3-7 days. Coagulation during pregnancy appointed 3 times:
·         When registering in the LCD;
·         At 16-20 weeks;
·         27-30 weeks (before the decree).

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Folk remedies for pregnant woman

Folk remedies for pregnant woman:

•    Wipe the skin juice viburnum (2-3 times a day);

•    Wipe infusion of calendula (1 tbsp. spoon calendula blossoms pour ½ liter of boiling water, leave for 30 min., drain, cool, wipe 2-3 times a day);

•    Warm lotion from sage and honey (1 tbsp. tablespoon sage 30min. insist on 1 cup of boiling water, drain, add ½ teaspoon of honey, 2-3 times a day);
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•    Compress potato (100g grated raw potato pulp, 1 teaspoon of honey mixed, put on gauze layer thickness of 1 cm, applied to the inflamed parts of a couple of hours, then easily remove the remaining juice from the face).
Preventive measures:

•    Be sure to use the facilities for cleaning (washing delicate soap 2 times a day or use foams, lotions for sensitive skin);

•    Reduce the amount of makeup application;

•    Only go on cosmetics for sensitive skin;

•    Not wipe and face with a towel (better paper, disposable);

•    More likely to change pillowcases;

•    Not squeeze a single pimple;

•    Do not use oil-based resources;

•    Keep drinking regime;

•    Eat rationally (with an abundance of vegetables and fruits).
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Insomnia - Interruption of sleep, falling asleep later, reducing the depth of sleep, early awakening can disturb a woman awaiting baby. Pregnancy (23-25 weeks) with increasing tummy may start to manifest problems with sleep. In recent weeks may appear disturbing dreams.

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