Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Your body benefits from muscles

"When the muscles to no more urge: Do not be lazy, it from sweeping corner mess," says Gabriela procedure.
The movement has to be well-being

Part of the therapy course and movement
Physiotherapist agrees with you on exercise or sport that suits you, entertains you while your body benefits. They may be specific exercises at home or yoga, Pilates, trampoline, horse riding, cycling, swimming...
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"It's not a so-called put into your body. So you just aired his head, but the body did not help. Patient comes to me with pain, and so we need to get well-being and body. Exercises should be welfare, it should be fun," says and adds that it is true winged it hurts, it's getting stronger.

The more our body suffers:

The first, which we have overloaded muscle groups and what weakened, according to her depends of what position we spend most of the day
2nd Most of the time the body is in balance, does not it evenly dynamically, but mostly static.

We have a third idea that when we sit at work or so the muscles do not work. This is not true. The body has to make a considerable amount of energy to stand or sit.

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