Wednesday, May 28, 2014

To protect the eyes

Our working hypothesis is that sperm carrying the Y chromosome responsible for male sex are more susceptible to adverse changes caused by smoking than sperm with the X chromosome"

Frames should correspond nicely with the shape of the orbits, and cover the eyes of all places. This fact is even more important for glasses of water or to the mountains,"
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This is confirmed by a doctor "When the sport in general is important and sufficient width of the orbit. During movement is necessary in order to protect the eyes and sides," he said.

Another criterion is also appropriately selected color spectacle lenses. recommends brown, dark green or gray. "These colors is at least distort the basic colors such as red, blue and green (they are suitable for the driver). A provides a more authentic picture of the area.

Would not recommend colors of light blue and pink," he said.
Most dark may not be the best
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when choosing glasses may not always be the case that the more dark, the glasses are better. Sometimes it may even be the opposite. Are crucial because UV filters and not the color of glass

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