Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The threat to your eyes

That means that they have sufficient capacity to absorb clearly declared individual UV radiation, thus ensuring adequate protection," said Eva doctor of Ophthalmology

While UVA must protect all glasses, filters UVB rays differ in their effectiveness, which, according to spectacles should be clearly marked and clearly, such as warnings that are suitable for high-altitude areas.

The threat to your eyes Clicke Here Www.Health.Proconview.ComIn the short term, the high effect of UV radiation can cause inflammation of the cornea, manifested by photophobia, and eye pain.
The long-term effects can occur cataracts, skin cancer of the eyelid, damage to the retina or cornea.

Example, it may degenerate central part of the retina responsible for detailed and color vision.
Leading optometrist and optician Eye Clinic NeoVile added that ideally colored lenses comply with the standard EN 1836, which provides complete protection against UVA and UVB rays.

"A suitable group are polarized lenses that eliminate glare from the glistening surrounding structures. Them however you have trouble reading the displays of mobile phones,"

The bigger, the better
Spectacles would also be collected depending on what the activity is to be used. For example, the sport is not suitable metal frame, plastic is preferable. "Generally speaking, the bigger the better.

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