Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Smoking reduces the chance of a child

Smoking reduces the chance of a child

If he wants a woman who smokes, get pregnant, you should immediately stop their habit. Chances of conception are significantly increased, British scientists claim. According to researchers from Oxford smokers need to conceive an average of two months longer than non-smokers.
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"The risks of smoking during pregnancy are well documented, including higher infant mortality, the risk of serious lung infections in births and low birth weight," said team boss Oxford Dr Marcus

In the words of Dr. Many women are unaware that greatly improve their prospects
Conception, if you give up cigarettes. Study confirms link between smoking and fertility issues, said.

"Women who want to become pregnant, often changing their lifestyle, such as drinking less alcohol, eat healthier or taking vitamin preparations.

This study clearly demonstrates that under such a practice should stop smoking," he said.

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