Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Smoking affects the gender of the child

Smoking affects the gender of the child

Tribute cigarettes means to reduce the chance of being born a boy. Thus, the court at least doctors from Denmark and Japan, who based his study concluded that a smoking cigarettes both parents around the time of conception may influence the genderof the child.Many More Info Here Linda Allen Review

Scientists interviewed 11,800 mothers of children, whether women or their partners smoked around the time of conception. The results were divided into three groups. As reported by Ana nova news north, found that the number of male newborns decreases with the number of cigarettes smoked parents.

In the group where parents smoked, was born in 1975 boys and 1627 girls. Dividing the number of male offspring of women there has been an indicator of 1.21.

The lowest proportion of boys, and 0.82, were in the group where both parents smoked more than twenty cigarettes a day. Between these two groups there is a group where parents smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day.

Reduced the number of boys (0.98) was also couples where the mother did not smoke, but my father was a heavy smoker. About Health Info Anne Grete from the University Hospital in Copenhagen, which participated in the research, said in explanation:”

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