Friday, May 30, 2014

Signs of pregnancy

Watery discharge - If on the underwear you begin to notice a watery discharge, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Color can be up to a golden hue. Elevated levels of hormones may increase the secretion of the cervix, changes in the vagina, resulting in secretions.

Changes in taste - Pregnancy can trigger a change in taste is closer to the end of a cycle or a few days delay menstruation.

Longing for sweet - Do you want become sweeter. The main power supply to the fetus - is sugar in the blood. Therefore, the body will need to replenishment.

Sensitivity to odors - You suddenly lose one's attraction of your favorite fragrance eau de toilette or products? It's time to take a pregnancy test! This is because estrogen exerts its influence activelycan irritate the smell of cut grass, tobacco smoke, and more.

Fatigue - Fatigue and exhaustion even some - also early signs of pregnancy.

If you have to go to bed early, you will become more difficult to wake up in the morning, at noon, you want to sleep and the usual shopping you just pooped - a probable sign of pregnancy. By the way, rest and sleep 15 minutes - half an hour during the day, you will only benefit.
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Intuition, psychological feeling of pregnancy - Some believe that our intuition - it is sometimes the best pregnancy test.



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