Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Protection against UV radiation

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How to choose the right sunglasses? Only protection against UV radiation is not enough
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With the arrival of sunny days, people set off to the store to have acquired new sunglasses. Most of them yet knows that the corrective lenses should absorb harmful UV rays. But what sunglasses should meet next?

Sunglasses prefer to take pictures in specialized stores
Sunglasses have been on the market so that you can be tempted by the current fad and forget about it, it would be appropriate to correct frames larger number of criteria.

The basic requirement is actually to well protect against UV radiation, which has harmful effects on the eye lens and cornea.

"Especially dangerous UV rays that are reflected from reflective surfaces such as snow, water, sand or smooth pavement. However Sunglasses UV protect not only our eyes, but also the sensitive skin around them - such as preventing wrinkles" pointed professor server

Watch the brand EEC
Sunglasses to meet prescribed standards should be certified according to EEC standards. "



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