Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Proper UV filter to protect your eyes

"For the tinted lenses without proper UV filter extends dolls, and thus there will be a greater susceptibility of the lens and the retina to light. Therefore, we should pay close attention to glasses with dark lenses should really functional UV filter to 400 nanometers, otherwise rather than help, "

The Doctor
In this respect, it is worthwhile to save a place in the marketplace or supermarket is worth to visit a specialized store where trained staff will assist you. Even at the cost of a new pair of glasses that you pay a little more.

Remember also that you do not only protect your eyes by sunglasses, a second variant are also lenses.
Whether you fit well

All health propositions will be for nothing if the glasses do not feel comfortable, you will not like and if you do not sit well. "They will perfectly blend in with the anatomy of your head," said

Cheaper metallic glasses tends to be made of materials of low quality, often with admixtures of nickel, chromium and cobalt, which are the most common allergens touch. In addition, these glasses happens that you spend more time than their tightening wearing.
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Poor Eyeglass may also be poorly polished, so you can distort the image or distort, and may be more prone to scratches or deformation

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