Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Natural Height And Other Growth Of The Child

Motor development is divided natural growth of the child to multiple forms since he was born, and during the years included

in a different age, these forms of motor development begins where the first manifestations of the movement and the baby

fetus usually feel the first movements of the pregnant mother of the child is between the fourth and fifth month and more

evident in the sixth month of pregnancy graded growth movements when the child with the growth of muscles and bones and

nervous system.

Child can lift the neck and lowered into the fourth month usually, the child begins the coup and lateral transfer objects

from one hand to the other and keeping things comfortably in hand the sixth month of age are usually either sit between the

eighth and ninth month, the baby crawl or crawl on his knees in the tenth month, and crawling on his hands and his feet

upon completion of the first year.  Free Dr. Darwin Smith Report

Child can stand between the tenth month and the twelfth, the child begins to catch things between the thumb and index

finger in the first year, the child begins to walk in the thirteenth month and may be delayed to the eighteenth month.

Child can feed himself in the fifth month and can run in the second year. Can the child to wear his clothes and alone, as

well as climb the stairs and riding a three-wheeler in the third year, can jump in the fifth year.

 Language development

first forms of language development in children starts in the sixth week and is the voice of in the ninth month could utter

Papa and Mama and Dada, but in the second year to the third usually to utter inter composed of two words to three words.
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Starts the growth of social behavior and psychological child early. A child can see the natural and hears and smells

immediately after birth. When the process of the emergence of emotional attachment between a mother and her child begins to

highlight his mother's voice in the first week of age, to her voice.

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