Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How does one know a good masseuse?

How does one know a good masseuse?

This of course is not easy and at first glance indistinguishable. Of course it is not important how masseuse looks or how many scented candles are lit in the lounge. Masseuses should already be certified in Thailand and definitely should have several years of practice and experience.

Thai massage is nowadays trying to make everybody. However, professional Thai masseuses from Thailand are always better than anybody who makes a Thai massage, whether in this country or in Thailand itself. Thai women and Thai with Thai art of massage experienced since childhood.

 Massages are part of their culture, childhood is massaged their parents, then again they massaged them, and therefore the quality is really incomparable.

But how good salon recognize layman who confesses in different certificates?
I'd advise to orient by price massage, a little help may also be more international clients such centers in the hotel who are good authentic Thai massage used in various ways throughout the world.

If the price of a massage too low, it may mean for example that the massages and other treatments use low-quality products that are not masseuses work permit or Thai massage is a complete service of consultation with appropriate massage, tea before and after the massage, etc. So as we look for a good doctor, you need to look and quality salon.



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