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Child's Growth (Weight -Height)

* The child's development:
- Child in stages the first age, especially a newborn child is subject to developments variable in its growth from one

stage to stage (stages of child development)
 - The growth of the child:  Dr. Darwin Smith Research Programs
1 - Weight.
2 - Length.
3 - Teething.
1 - Weight:
weight ranges child (newborn) between 05/02 to 05/03 kg, and the child loses some grams of weight during the first days of

his birth and then regain weight in the tenth day of the birth and then over the child at a rate of 25 g per day i.e.:
- More than about 3/4 kg per month and have it during the first four months.
- increases the rate of 1/2 kg per month (in four months the second.)
- increases the rate of 1/4 kg per month (in four months the third.)
- double the weight of the child in the fourth or fifth month, as becomes a double during the first year.
* use this equation to calculate the weight of the child: the child's weight in kilograms = (child's age x 2 + 8) 2
2- Height:
- is the neck and limbs relatively short, and the head they are great. - grow legs faster than the trunk.
- increases the length of 2 cm per month during the first six months of his life.
- And more than 1.5 cm per month during the next six months.
- And after the first year can be calculated length is given by the following: child's height in centimeters = (age in Visit my Personal Blogs Www.Health.Proconview.Com

years x 5 + 80) 3
3- Teething:
1 - the appearance of teeth: incisors lower average 7-8 months upper incisors average 8-9 months, the upper incisors State

10-11 month lower incisors State 11-12 month molars front the initial 13-14 month fangs 17-19 month molars Background 19 -

25 Months
2 - The emergence of permanent teeth: incisors average 6-8 years Cutters foreign 7-9 years fangs 9-11 year molars initial

front 10-12 year molars background 11-13 years.

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